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What makes a great adventure?

A premium company. Impactful digital products. Learning from Gurus. A place where you belong.

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a group of Geeks who share the same passion for building disruptive digital products that win hearts, minds and markets.
Who we are

Find yourself in our values?

At GEEK Up, we foster these shared values in the way we work and live.
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    Live with passion, act truly as yourself and work toward common values.
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    Geeks Get It Done

    Stay resourceful to deliver the work that meets expectation.
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    High Standard

    Continuously seek for a higher standard in everything you do.
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    Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

    Start with beginner’s mind to ignite better ideas and never feel satisfied with the status quo.

Our proudest work

Which takes a team, including you, to deliver successfully.
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Find your passion, make things happen

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    • Business Research & Product Discovery
      Understand the business goals and user needs to explore and validate solutions.
    • Product Conceptualization
      Conceptualize product ideas, define product vision and structure.
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    • User Experience Research
      Study users for insights, needs, and painpoints.
    • User Experience Design
      Design solutions that not only solve user needs/painpoints but also match with the business goals.
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    • Visual Design
      Shape and improve user experience through products usability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Interaction Design
      Make UI expressive and easy to use.
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    • Product Implementation
      Deliver products built on suitable tech approach and satisfying design.
    • Product Operations
      Launch, operate and monitor product performance to ensure added values for business.

Our challenge

Our challenges

World-class Products & World-wide Clients

At GEEK Up, "world-class" means making real impact on millions of users with our excellent products.

Our achievements

  • Successful Projects


    Successful Projects

  • Great Products


    Great Products

  • Years of Experience


    Years of Experience

  • Happy Partners


    Happy Partners

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