Business Operations chapter

The mission of Business Operations Chapter is to fully capture and optimize business costs and benefits in all aspects of GEEK Up business.

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Business Operations, Business Strategic Planning & Operations, Strategic Planning & Business Operations

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Our Chapter is calling out for an active Business Operations Executive

to join us to discover and build products that


As a member of Business Operations team, you will make your impact by

  • BO 01

    Finance Operations

    Capturing & optimizing business revenue and expenses through activities.

  • BO 02

    Project Operations

    Capturing all projects: scope, cost & timeline; optimizing project’s “P&L” & added value.

  • BO 03

    Legal Operations

    Capturing all GEEK Up legal documents & minimizing our legal risks.

  • BO 04

    Sales Operations

    Capturing and optimizing GU sales flow: pricing, sales documentation, ...

  • BO 05

    Office Operations

    Capturing and optimizing GEEK Up office services.

  • BO 06

    People Operations

    Capturing & optimizing the value of Human Resources at GEEK Up.

To get yourself ready for your upcoming adventure at our Chapter, we expect you to

  • Have hands-on experience in executing one or more of the following aspects: Finance and Accounting, Sales Operations, Corporate Branding, Office Management, People Operations

  • Focus on outputs and work persistently on delivering them to achieve final results

  • Show interest in how to operate a business smoothly and efficiently

  • Keen on capturing and analyzing data to find new ways to optimize cost and benefits of business

No matter how big your impact is, GEEK Up brings you

  • Expert comrades of all fields

    Working with awesome comrades, who are guru of many different fields, you will get to grow yourself in whatever aspects you desire.

  • A challenging game to explore

    GEEK Up offers you an Adventure, not a map. Pick your own mission and we will bring you the coolest challenges to push your limits and earn achievements.

  • An awesome zone, a second-home

    You will live in a cozy zone crafted and taken care by our geeks, where you will find comfortable enough to work and live as your own home.


GEEK Up’s core values

  • Honesty


    Live with passion, act truly as yourself and work toward a common goal.

  • High standard


    Always challenge yourself to level up professional excellence.

  • Get it done


    Stay resourceful to deliver great work that meets requirement.

  • Stay hungry stay foolish


    Start with beginner’s mind and never feel satisfied with the status quo.