Geek Experience chapter

The mission of Geek Experience Chapter is to foster our shared values and care for the needs of our members so that they can have the best experiences and do their best works.

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Our Chapter is calling out for an Employee Experience Executive

to join us to discover and build products that win


As a member of Geek Experience team, you will make your impact by

  • GE 01

    Content Creation

    Generating ideas that appeal to our audiences; creating content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to our audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other formats.

  • GE 02

    Employee Communications

    Informing, engaging, motivating and exciting current Geeks/potential Geeks/ex-Geek to deliver the best possible experiences.

  • GE 03

    Event & Experience

    Crafting memorable events & experiences that fulfill the desired/targeted needs of our members & promote our values.

  • GE 04

    Media Production

    Creating visual content/ video, audio around aligned ideas/concepts. Capture Geek's moments in our activities.

To get yourself ready for your upcoming adventure at our Chapter, we expect you to

  • Possess good people skills to cultivate interpersonal relationships with members

  • Be creative in finding solutions to effectively deliver value in your work

  • Be able to inspire and motivate others through the messages conveyed

  • Have knowledge of branding, communication and campaigning

  • Demonstrate event and activity planning and organizing skills

No matter how big your impact is, GEEK Up brings you

  • Expert comrades of all fields

    Working with awesome comrades, who are guru of many different fields, you will get to grow yourself in whatever aspects you desire.

  • A challenging game to explore

    GEEK Up offers you an Adventure, not a map. Pick your own mission and we will bring you the coolest challenges to push your limits and earn achievements.

  • An awesome zone, a second-home

    You will live in a cozy zone crafted and taken care by our geeks, where you will find comfortable enough to work and live as your own home.


GEEK Up’s core values

  • Honesty


    Live with passion, act truly as yourself and work toward a common goal.

  • High standard


    Always challenge yourself to level up professional excellence.

  • Get it done


    Stay resourceful to deliver great work that meets requirement.

  • Stay hungry stay foolish


    Start with beginner’s mind and never feel satisfied with the status quo.