Mobile Development chapter

The mission of Mobile Development Chapter is to deliver interactive mobile applications with high performance and great user experience across all mobile platforms to enable GEEK Up to deliver world-class software products.

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Mobile Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer

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Our chapter is currently calling out for an ambitious Mobile Developer

to join us to deliver buttery-smooth and desirable products that win

As a member of Mobile Development team, you will make your impact by

  • PM 01

    Design Transformation

    Transforming Product Visual & Interaction Design into real mobile app interface that matches with UX/UI solution with the best hardware compatibility with a variant of screen resolution & devices.

  • PM 02

    Business Logic Satisfaction

    Handling in-app interactions to make sure the app logic & behavior perform exactly as expected from product requirements, while maintaining clean code & architecture for code management, maintenance & future development.

  • PM 03

    Effort Saving

    Integrating apps with other services (device & 3rd party service, hardware & software) to deliver a fully integrated app that meets product requirements.

  • PB 04

    Cross Functional Team

    Getting involved in every aspect of Product Development process and contributing your know-how with other talented members as part of a cross-functional team.

To get yourself ready for your upcoming adventure at our Chapter, we expect you to

  • Have hands-on experience with at least one native mobile programming language (Swift, Objective-C, Java, etc.)

  • Have proficiency in converting design layout (style, building block, etc.) into mobile interface

  • Be familiar with handling multi-threads and local database

  • Knowledge of cross-platform languages (React Native, Xamarin), architecture design, performance tracking, or 3rd-party tools & platforms is a huge advantage

No matter how big your impact is, GEEK Up brings you

  • Expert comrades of all fields

    Working with awesome comrades, who are gurus of many different fields, you will get to grow yourself in whatever aspects you desire

  • A challenging game to explore

    GEEK Up offers you an Adventure, not a map. Pick your own mission and we will bring you the coolest challenges to push your limits and earn achievements

  • An awesome zone, a second-home

    You will live in a zone crafted and taken care of by all of our members, where you find comfortable enough to work and live as your own home


GEEK Up’s core values

  • Honesty


    Live with passion, act truly as yourself and work toward a common goal.

  • High standard


    Always challenge yourself to level up professional excellence.

  • Get it done


    Stay resourceful to deliver great work that meets requirement.

  • Stay hungry stay foolish


    Start with beginner’s mind and never feel satisfied with the status quo.